UM Hallux Valgus Splint UAE

  • Corrective product for relieving bunion pain and realigning the toe to its natural position while redistributing pressure away from common stress points.
  • Reduces pressure and friction. Relieves bunion pain.
  • Protects the bony protuberance. Absorbs pressure and friction.
  • Specifically designed for use during night, while resting.
  • Anatomically designed to provide support to the bunion and realign the bunion deformity.

Rs 2,900.00

or 3 installments of Rs966.67 with

or 3 X Rs 966.67 with Koko Koko

The UM Hallux Valgus Splint is designed to help relieve the pain of bunions and correct the deformity. It is made of soft, comfortable material and is easy to wear.

The splint will help to realign your big toe and reduce the pressure on the joint. It is important to wear the splint for at least six hours a day, and you should see a difference in your symptoms within two weeks.

This splint is designed to be lightweight and breathable, so you can wear it all day without discomfort. It also has a flexible design that allows your toe to move freely while still providing the necessary support. The splint comes with an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit, and it can be worn on either foot.

It provides the necessary support and alignment to correct the problem, while still allowing your toe to move freely. With regular use, you should notice a reduction in pain and improved mobility in no time.