Urine Bag pediatric

  • Reliable urine collection for comfort and hygiene.
  • Available in Pediatric size.
  • Secure fit and discreet wear.
  • User-friendly mechanisms for easy drainage.
  • Ensures comfort and confidence for patients.

Rs 80.00

or 3 installments of Rs26.67 with

or 3 X Rs 26.67 with Koko Koko

Thoughtfully crafted to ensure reliable urine collection while prioritizing patient comfort and hygiene. Available in two sizes – Adult and Pediatric – these bags cater to a wide range of patient needs. With a focus on secure fit and discreet wear, they provide both confidence and convenience for users. Designed for ease of use, our Urine Bags feature user-friendly mechanisms for hassle-free drainage and disposal. Whether it’s for adult patients or pediatric cases, our Urine Bags are designed to offer enhanced comfort and peace of mind throughout the collection process.