Sony UPC – 110HG (u s scan printing paper)

  • Sony UPC-110HG for Ultrasound, Dental and Microscopy applications.
  • Precise imaging.
  • Ensures diagnostic accuracy.
  • Reliable high-quality prints.

Rs 5,000.00

or 3 installments of Rs1,666.67 with

or 3 X Rs 1,666.67 with Koko Koko

An advanced printing solution meticulously designed to complement ultrasound scans. Engineered to capture even the minutest details of ultrasound images with remarkable clarity, the UPC-110HG plays a pivotal role in ensuring diagnostic accuracy. Its seamless translation of ultrasound findings onto prints enhances medical assessments, providing healthcare professionals with reliable visual aids for patient care. Crafted to deliver consistent, high-quality prints, this specialized media empowers medical practitioners with valuable diagnostic support. With Sony’s renowned commitment to technological excellence, the UPC-110HG reaffirms their dedication to elevating medical imaging precision, making it an essential component for effective and accurate ultrasound diagnostics.