Mercury large thermometer for clinical use or home use 3pc

Rs 1,800.00

or 3 installments of Rs600.00 with

or 3 X Rs 600.00 with Koko Koko

Mercury Thermometer
3 pc in one pack
Classic and reliable mercury thermometer
Glass tube filled with mercury for accurate readings
Easy-to-read markings
Sturdy construction
Trusted choice for many
Handle with care and dispose of responsibly for safety and environmental protection
Categories: Clinical Products, Covid 19 Protective Products, First Aid Products, Laboratory Equipments, Machines, Personal Care Products

Classic and reliable, our mercury thermometer is a time-tested tool for measuring body temperature. Its traditional design features a glass tube filled with mercury that expands and contracts with temperature changes, providing accurate readings. With easy-to-read markings and a sturdy construction, this thermometer is a must-have for every home and medical setting. While digital thermometers have become popular, the simplicity and precision of a mercury thermometer make it a trusted choice for many.

Note: Please handle with care and dispose of responsibly to ensure safety and environmental protection.