Giant Heart Model

  • Enlarged three times its normal size
  • Provides an accurate depiction of a heart magnified threefold
  • Specifically designed for anatomical study or educational use

Rs 50,000.00

or 3 installments of Rs16,666.67 with

or 3 X Rs 16,666.67 with Koko Koko

The “GIANT HEART MODEL,” is an anatomical representation that magnifies the human heart to three times its normal size. Purposefully designed for anatomical study or educational use, this model offers an enlarged and detailed depiction of the heart’s structure. Its threefold enlargement provides a clear and comprehensive view, allowing for an in-depth understanding of cardiac anatomy. This model serves as an invaluable educational tool, enabling medical students, professionals, and educators to explore and comprehend the complexities of the heart’s anatomy in a detailed and illustrative manner.