ARIMA Waterpurifying chlorine tablets 3 g each of 100 g bottle

Rs 2,400.00

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Weight of the bottle 100 g

Expiery 2025 August


ARIMA WATER PURIFYING TABLET is the most effective economical, Effecient water disinfectant,

Containing NaDCC (Sodium Dichloro Iso Cyanurate). The exclusive to the disadvantages of the

inorganicchemicals such as Bleaching Powder, Liquid Chlorine & Chlorine gas.

NaDCC known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, is one form of chlorine

From contaminated to clean water: The efficiency of water purification tablets

It is a commonly known fact that drinking water contaminated with pathogens is the leading cause

of gastro-intestinal problems. The consumption of contaminated water can cause diarrhoea,

typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, and often prove to be fatal.

The water purification tablets give guaranteed access to safe, potable water that is free from any

bacteria or virus. It saves you from boiling water and aids you to safely store water for a long time.

The active ingredients of the tablet, i.e. chlorine or iodine, act as water sterilizer and is effective

against all known bacteria, viruses, and their spores. Despite their great biocidal effect, they are

environment friendly and easy to store.

How to use water purification tablets?

The modern water purification tablets are miraculous, all you need to do is dissolve them in water

and wait for all the contaminants to be swiped away.

When to use?

• Other than your house, they can be used while trekking and camping.

• The tablets are safe to use during emergencies like floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes when the

water may be polluted. It should be noted that the tablets render pathogens and parasites

harmless but do not work against sediments.

• The tablets are functional for humanitarian aid services where organizations provide food and

water to disaster-struck areas or zones with the scarcity of the resources.

• The military can also use these tablets to get access to safe drinking water as and when required

or like aid services provide water to others.


 Chlorination of water for public utility

 Treatment of swimming pool water

 Clean the industrial circulating water.

 Dairy, stable, Aquaculture, etc

 It can be used as preventive disinfection of house, hotel, hospital and public place

 used on the environmental sterilization of raising fish. Chlorination of cooling tower water